Arduino - AR - PHP
Hardware design for an Augmented Reality project of Sander Veenhof.
With use of your smartphone and layar app it was possible to turn lights on and off in the museum after closing time.

The Arduino (with ethernet shield) reads a simple online php page that is constantly updated by the augmented realty interface (layar). When the Augmented Reality layer is used the php page will be updated accordingly. The Arduino reads the data and switches lights on and of (in reality!). 

The Augumented reality (layar) side is done by Sander Veenhof.

1 Arduino + Ethernetshield
4 relay boards
1 dhcp connection
4 lamps (led strips)

Main Feats.
-Reads out a Webpage
-Switches lamps on and off rapidly

for Sander Veenhof - Tropen Museum