Here are a few stompboxes i've made for my own guitar joy. Building them in old candy boxes has it's disadvantages but i like it so much. 
The BonBon Rangemaster i've build after an OC44 geranium transistor was given to me by a guy who was fixing my tube amplifier, these transistors are rare to find these days. The BonBon Rangemaster has a color changing led inside the drip of glue on top of the case. 
These stompboxes i've been using to record 3 albums and do more then 100 gigs with the band Sexton Creeps. They are all built in a prototyping way, that's why they look messy also because they have been kicked around quite a lot, most of them I need to rebuild into a final pedal now because the candy cases are falling apart. with pain in my hart because i like the way they are now.